Automate time tracking for Microsoft Calendar with Memtime

Import your Microsoft Calendar projects into Memtime with just a few clicks. Have your time in any program or tab recorded automatically – so you can accurately remember. Easily create your time entries and reports, and sync them with Microsoft Calendar.
 Microsoft Calendar time tracking by Memtime

Find out how much time you really spent on tasks and projects

Get your working time recorded automatically

Say goodbye to timers and manual tracking – Memtime automatically tracks your activity in any file, program, browser tab and email you read or write.

Working time recorded automatically
Creating entries

Remember immediately and create time entries faster

Use what Memtime recorded for you to create time entries for your tasks & projects. You can even establish your own rule sets to let the program automatically create time entries for you.

Export your time tracking data to Microsoft Calendar

Your hours are exported directly to Microsoft Calendar the moment you make time entries. So what you assign to projects in Memtime will appear immediately in the right place in Microsoft Calendar.

Time tracking data in Microsoft Calendar projects

Most popular integrations Memtime connects with

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Jira integration
Harvest integration
Toggl Track integration
Teamwork integration
Asana integration
Tempo integration
Clockify integration
Clio integration
Moco integration
7Pace integration
Awork integration
Lawcus integration
Zoho integration

How to connect Memtime to Microsoft Calendar

Connecting Memtime to your software

1. Create a free account

Sign up with Memtime to start your 14-day trial. Select Microsoft Calendar in the drop-down list of project software Memtime connects with. Finally, install Memtime on your computer.

2. Configure your account

Launch Memtime and complete the basic account settings. Afterward, the pop-up window will take you to the Connected Apps page. Once there, press "Authenticate" next to the Microsoft Calendar icon.

3. Authenticate Microsoft Calendar

A pop-up window to enable Memtime to access your Microsoft Calendar will appear. Click "Allow", then refresh the page to see Microsoft Calendar authenticated in your account.

4. Track time automatically

With this integration enabled, you can import your calendar events in Memtime. That way, your working hours will automatically be reflected in Microsoft Calendar.

What makes Memtime special?

Accurate time tracking

Accurate time tracking

Memtime records your work activity throughout the day and displays it in a timeline with precise minute ranges. It helps you create accurate time entries based on actual data, not guesswork.

Offline tool with no monitoring possible

No monitoring possible

Memtime is an offline tool that stores tracking data on the user's device exclusively – so no colleagues or bosses can access your timeline and see your activities during the day.

Seamless Microsoft Calendar integration

Seamless integration

We offer over 50 integrations between Memtime and project management software like Microsoft Calendar, so you don't need to switch the software you currently use for time tracking to another.

Liz Tapp, Creative Director, Widgets & Stone
Time tracking was like a part-time job. Now it only takes seconds.
Liz Tapp, Creative Director, Widgets & Stone
Dan Malarowski, Principal Consultant, QVC Solutions
It takes the sting out of time tracking.
Dan Malarowski, Principal Consultant, QVC Solutions
Thomas Lee, Head of Solution Engineering, IoT.nxt
A fantastic system! It seamlessly integrates with our project software.
Thomas Lee, Head of Solution Engineering, IoT.nxt


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