Let's face it. Time tracking sucks.

Why we do what we do – and what our core promise is.
We believe in time tracking accuracy & data

What we believe in

The better the data - the better the decisions.

For companies that track time, there is no easier way to increase profits than to improve the accuracy of their time tracking.

With time tracking accuracy, only one variable is changed. But this change automatically leads to a multitude of profit-relevant, improved decisions.

  • Whether more hours are billed - or proposals and retainers are priced more profitably.
  • Whether projects and resources are planned more efficiently - increasing paid workload and project flow.
  • Or whether controlling can actually identify profitable and unprofitable projects - and management can react by taking prompt countermeasures, by specializing or by outsourcing.
Manual time tracking estimates are wasting time

What we don't believe in

That humans are able to track their times more accurately.

Because what are they supposed to improve? Their memory? Make better estimates? Think harder? Forget less?

Keeping track of time is exhausting and distracting from the work at hand. The better you focus on your work, the less you think about noting times or punching stopwatches.

Anyone who really believes that manual time tracking hardly costs any time - or even comes close to reflecting reality - is most likely not tracking times themselves.

Neither the time cost - nor the inaccuracy have to be.

If you have a memory aid.

Management Team

Arne Reimann - CEO


Arne Reimann


Head of Integrations - Mislav Boras

Head of Integrations

Mislav Boras


Head of Development - Bastian Brodbeck

Head of Development

Bastian Brodbeck


Niclas Preisner - CMO


Niclas Preisner



We want to free people from the burden of time tracking. We want to enable them to stop thinking about it. So they can focus on what really matters and what they are most talented for.

Memtime is a silent and discrete memory aid for the individual. So that everyone can record their project times when they want. As quickly and as accurately as they want.

What makes us different

  • We connect Memtime for our customers to any desired software with an open interface.
  • Memtime is suitable for works councils and especially for companies with the highest security standards. This is because the tool is a local client and never stores user tracking data in the cloud, only offline.


  • Founded as "timeBro" in 2015 in the incubator of the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Introduced to the market in 2017 at the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO)
  • Since 2018 based in Berlin and Munich
  • Re-branding to Memtime in 2023
  • Today with over 4000 clients represented in 86 countries

Our promise

100% privacy. For Memtime, the top priority will always be that no one but the users themselves can see what they have been working on. That's why all tracking data is stored exclusively on the user's device.

Monitoring impossible

Monitoring impossible

No network connection between users – no possibility to monitor employees.
Stored on device only

Stored on device only

No cloud access to recorded times – database only on your device.
German servers & GDPR

German servers & GDPR

We guarantee servers in Germany – certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Free yourself from time tracking for 14 days

Our 14-day free trial remains free of charge. And your head remains free from time tracking. All you do is install Memtime and sit back.

You'll be surprised what it records for you in the background - while you focus on what really matters.