Recover the forgotten billable hours of your law firm

Imagine having a tool that would help you remember every single billable minute of past workdays and save you ~75% of your current time-tracking efforts.

Your benefits:

  • Increased Revenue per Lawyer & Profit per Equity Partner
  • Save ~75% of your time spent on timekeeping
  • Get times into your system faster & more up-to-date

“Most law firms among our customers have hourly rates so high that the Memtime annual license pays for itself after just a few days of recovered time.“

Arne Reimann
CEO, Memtime

Seamless integration with your project software

Import projects & tasks - sync time entries, so they appear in your connected software.
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Lawcus integration
Clickup integration
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Harvest integration
Toggl Track integration
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Automatic time tracking for lawyers

Memtime is optimized for lawyers - so you can also log and sync times in 6-minute intervals.
Dr. Nik Sarafi, Lawyer
Memtime makes every minute of my time billable.
Dr. Nik Sarafi, Lawyer
Alyssa Potts, Attorney
The absolute top-notch automatic time tracking software.
Alyssa Potts, Attorney

Manual time tracking is a challenge for law firms

Memtime is optimized for lawyers - so you can also log and sync times in 6-minute intervals.
Billing clarity

You are losing billable hours

Timekeeping discipline in law firms is certainly above average - but with billing at 6-minute intervals, it's simply not humanly possible to remember every minute in emails, documents, phone calls, or web research. According to the study 'Time is money', only 36-67% of billable hours are assigned correctly.


  • 6-minute intervals require too much precision to estimate.
  • Many short activities are forgotten every day (e.g. emails).
  • Often, you know the matter, but the narrative is hard to recall.


  • With a timeline to recall every single billable activity, law firms can significantly increase their Revenue per Employee.
Manual time tracking is wasting time

Manual tracking is wasting time

Profit-oriented lawyers know times cannot be estimated with the accuracy they require - so many have tried start/stop timers. This type of ongoing time tracking (incl. narratives) costs most lawyers at least 20-40 minutes per day. The biggest problem, however, is the continuous interruption of focus work.


  • Tracking throughout the day is interrupting your workflow.
  • Using start/stop timers right will cost at least 20-40 min/day.
  • As soon as you really focus, you forget about timers anyway.


  • Employees do not only remember their hours faster and more accurate - they do so in one short session at the end of the day.
Accurate daily insights on utilization and profitability

Do you get the hours on time?

Speed matters - whether it's about getting paid faster or about resource planning. However, most law firms don't have a problem with billing. Instead, they do not have an accurate daily insight into their utilization and profitability - and thus a compromised data basis for tactical profit-related decisions.


  • Many employees fail to submit their time sheets on a daily basis.
  • So there is no reliable daily insight into capacity utilization.
  • Some matters suddenly exceed budget cap or time frame.


  • By reducing effort for employees & integrating with your existing software, you get times into your system on the same day.

Memtime can be connected to any law firm software

See how Memtime works

Calculate how many hours you could recover

Memtime's automatic tracking recovers billable hours that would otherwise have been forgotten.
What’s your monthly potential?
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Results (mth)
You are losing 78 hours a month of which you could regain 72 with Memtime.
Invest €216 per year to increase your annual potential revenue by €86,400.
How is this calculated?
Your entries
Overall hours = 174
Potential revenue = 17,400
Time tracking accuracy = 36 %
Billable hours (mth) = 122
Target revenue (mth) = 12,200
Results (mth)
Your monthly time tracking…
with Memtime
Time tracking accuracy
36 %
Billable hours assigned to the right projects
Billable hours forgotten or assigned to the wrong projects
If you use Memtime
Your regained hours
Revenue, if you bill these hours
Your investment in Memtime

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Memtime is optimized for lawyers - so you can also log and sync times in 6-minute intervals.

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