"Time tracked has skyrocketed!"

Why Sleek Consulting relies on automatic time tracking - Vice President of Operations Amanda Viehman

Amanda Viehman - Vice President of Operations of Sleek Consulting

Hi Amanda. What is your job at Sleek Consulting - and what kind of company are you?

Amanda: I am the Vice President of Operations with Sleek Consulting, a consulting firm that assists nonprofit organizations in implementing Salesforce and other surrounding care support, such as database management, report creation, and integration of other software. We use a modular system that is customizable and so can be suitable for small nonprofits to large universities. We are the primary implementation partner for Salesforce for nonprofit middle market customers.

Using Memtime has taken the burden of remembering the hour allocation at the end of the day out of our hands.
Amanda Viehman

Why are exact times important to you?

Amanda: With as many as 12 implementations in various stages at once, we frequently hold meetings, perform analysis, or complete deliverables with multiple clients per day, usually in back-to-back appointments. I personally had no idea how many hours I spent on email.

Memtime has increased our profitability and efficiency.
Amanda Viehman

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Amanda: Our team is less stressed about getting their billable hours in, and time tracked has skyrocketed! Memtime has increased our profitability and efficiency.

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