"With Memtime we are faster, more precise and more relaxed"

Why the architectural firm Baumgartner + Partner AG relies on automatic time tracking - Interview with Managing Director Thomas Baumgartner

Thomas Baumgartner - Managing Director of Baumgartner + Partner AG

Hi Thomas. What is your job at Baumgartner + Partner AG - and what kind of company are you?

Thomas: I am a graduate architect ETH/SIA and managing director of Baumgartner + Partner AG. We are an architectural office and specialize in high-quality interventions on existing buildings.

Why are exact times important to you?

Thomas: We do a lot of directional work and want to offer transparency to our customers.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Thomas: My days are very fragmented, in the evening I have long forgotten what I did and when.

We want to offer our customers transparency.
Thomas Baumgartner

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Thomas: With Memtime we are faster, more precise and more relaxed. Furthermore, Memtime is connected to our CRM from MOCO. Captured time entries go directly on the directional part of the invoice, which is a great benefit.

What doubts did you have before trying Memtime?

Thomas: In fact, we had no doubts before we tried the tool.

In the evening I have long forgotten what I did and when.
Thomas Baumgartner

If a friend asked you if they should try Memtime - what would you tell them?

Thomas: They should do it immediately.


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