"Manual time tracking simply doesn't work"

Why the brand identity agency trumedia relies on automatic time tracking - Interview with CEO Marco Trutter

Marco Trutter - CEO of trumedia

Hi Marco. What is your job - and what does trumedia specialize in?

Marco: As CEO and founder of trumedia, an international and leading brand identity agency in the Bavarian-Swabian region, I am primarily concerned with the strategic direction and positioning of the agency as well as with vision development and conceptual planning of client projects.
Our core expertise lies in successful brand management and development for global corporations, medium-sized companies, but also promising start-ups. From conception to market research to campaigns, we play the entire repertoire of brand building - cross-media, cross-industry, B2B and B2C.

Why are exact times important to you?

Marco: First and foremost from a business perspective. Most of our projects are significantly more complex than in other agencies, so it is necessary to carry out appropriate controlling measures. Ultimately, we want to know how effectively we are using our capacities or how profitably we are working.

Manual time tracking is time-consuming, involves immense inaccuracies and simply doesn't work overall.
Marco Trutter

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Marco: The biggest problem was the consistent recording of project times and the associated answer to the question of how much time the employees actually need for which tasks. We wanted the whole thing to be estimated not just by gut feeling. Manual time tracking is time-consuming, involves immense inaccuracies and simply doesn't work overall.

How was memtime able to solve the problem?

Marco: The fast and intuitive recording of activities as well as the direct time recording can be integrated directly and without much effort into the daily work routine. It's almost fun and memtime helps us get clarity on project scopes. And best of all - nothing falls by the wayside and everyone can immediately see what they have done all day.

Not a minute is forgotten. Everyone sees immediately what they have done all day.
Marco Trutter

How did the integration of memtime go?

Marco: The introduction of memtime went surprisingly smoothly, as did the connection to our agency software, which is nevertheless relatively complex. Thanks to the clear interface and high usability, our accounts were quickly set up and the tool was immediately usable after a short introduction. Added to this is the extremely uncomplicated and pragmatic hands-on support.

If a friend asked you why they should try memtime - what would you tell them?

Marco: I would answer that memtime provides him with an intuitive time tracking tool that saves my employees and me valuable time and nerves.

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