"Recording project times is very important for billing the customer."

Why the advertising agency vonBoninundCo relies on automatic time tracking - Interview with Managing Director Andrea von Bonin

Andrea von Bonin - Managing Director of vonBoninundCo

Hi Andrea. What is your job at vonBoninundCo - and what kind of company are you?

Andrea: I am managing director at vonBoninundCo. The company specializes in corporate & graphic design.

Why are exact times important to you?

Andrea: Since you work on different jobs throughout the day and jump back and forth, it is very important to track project times in order to bill the customer. Many projects take months to finish.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Andrea: As I said, with projects that go on for months, it is very difficult to track times in a continuous & accurate manner.

It's easy to keep a complete record of every small project you work on in between.
Andrea von Bonin

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Andrea: The very user-friendly usability makes it easy to seamlessly capture every small project you work on in between.

What doubts did you have before trying Memtime?

Andrea: Whether it is easy and fast during everyday work to assign the tracked times to the projects.

Memtime enables correct tracking of working hours and thus an exact billing.
Andrea von Bonin

If a friend asked you if they should try Memtime - what would you tell them?

Andrea: Absolutely do it! It enables correct tracking of working hours and thus an exact billing of the services as well.


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