"I was initially put off by the price per user"

Why the agency BUFF! relies on automatic time tracking - Interview with Managing Director Markus Buff

Markus Buff - Managing Director of BUFF!

Hi Markus. What is your job at BUFF! - and what kind of company are you?

Markus: We are an advertising and digital agency based in Magdeburg, and I am the managing director. Practically, my everyday life is filled with the role of key account manager and product owner, mainly in our digital projects. If my team lets me, I also like to code actively in projects in the area of TYPO3 CMS.

Why are exact times important to you?

Markus: We focus on selling our time to the customer, and working time is by far the largest cost block, which should of course be used as efficiently as possible.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Markus: Frequent topic changes and parallelization, especially as a key account manager, can hardly be avoided for me. In these cases, I find time tracking with a stopwatch torturous, but not tracking times at all is not an option either.

For me, time tracking with a stopwatch was torturous, but not tracking times at all was not an option either.
Markus Buff

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Markus: With Memtime, I can retroactively track all relevant time blocks in a relaxed manner, usually every 2-3 days, and transfer them to our agency software ProSonata via the API. The need for even more structure and also documentation became apparent during the first lockdown in the home office. Today, we are optimally structured, also thanks to tools such as Memtime.

How did you experience the introduction of Memtime? Was there an integration with other software?

Markus: The integration of Memtime was quite easy for us. We use it integrated with ProSonata, our agency software. The first time it was a bit confusing to synchronize the corresponding service categories. In the meantime, however, I believe your support offers automated help with the connection to Prosonata.

If a friend asked you why they should try Memtime - what would you tell them?

Markus: I have now recommended the tool to several of my employees, because it is integrated with our agency software ProSonata the only sensible and convenient way to escape the stopwatch on the one hand and the forgetting of actually billable hours and resulting loss of revenue on the other. So far, everyone has shown real gratitude to me for less pain in the workflow!

I was initially put off by the price per user. But that's nonsense. If you don't use Memtime, you miss out on revenue and capacity.
Markus Buff

What else can you give to other people interested?

Markus: Originally I was reflexively a bit deterred by the 15€ per user – just for an add-on, so to speak. But that's nonsense, because your argument "If working time is forgotten or assigned to the wrong projects - this either costs you revenue or capacity" is of course completely conclusive and completely true.


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