"There's no way around Memtime"

Why the web store Birkengold relies on Memtime's automatic time tracking – Interview with IT Director Martin Holzer

Martin Holzer - IT Director of Birkengold

Hi Martin. What is your job - and what does Birkengold GmbH specialize in?

Martin: IT Director sums it up best. I primarily take care of our web store. Birkengold sells products with xylitol. That is birch sugar, a healthier alternative to sugar.

Why are accurate times important to you?

Martin: When working from home, there are always several unrelated work sessions per day, making it difficult to record them precisely and assign them to the correct projects or activities.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Martin: Since I still work independently on a project basis in addition to my employment, it was extremely difficult for me to separate the day-to-day business at our company from my projects.

Since Memtime also records the times of offline activities such as calls, none of those working hours are lost.
Martin Holzer

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Martin: Since Memtime keeps a log of activities on the PC at all times and also forces the entry of offline activities (e.g. calls), hours worked are no longer lost. You no longer have to rely on your "gut feeling" when entering working hours. This is especially valuable if you are a little behind with entering your hours due to a stressful week.

How did you experience the introduction of Memtime?

Martin: The implementation was extremely quick and the whole interface can definitely be described as intuitive. In case of minor difficulties, the support was always extremely agile and the problems could be solved quickly. Suggestions for improvement were always responded to very openly and with gratitude.

If you want detailed project times without having to enter your times meticulously after each activity, then there is no way around Memtime.
Martin Holzer

If a friend asked you why they should try Memtime - what would you tell them?

Martin: If he wants a detailed time record and doesn't want to enter his times meticulously after every activity, then I think there's no way around Memtime. So in short: Accurate time recording including project allocation with less effort.

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