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Why the advertising agency AR2 relies on automatic time tracking - Interview with Art Director Anders Rankegård

Anders Rankegård - Art Director of AR2

Hi Anders. What is your job - and what are you specialized in?

Anders: I am an Art Director at an advertising agency.

Why are exact times important to you?

Anders: I work parallel on different projects and need to have an exact time tracking for each customer.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Anders: Before Memtime we tracked time at the end of the day with a loss of several small posts.

Before Memtime we lost several small posts due to late time tracking.
Anders Rankegård

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Anders: Memtime gives me a better overview of the actual time spent on projects than our project planning system.

What doubts did you have before trying Memtime?

Anders: No doubts, just curious about Memtime.

With Memtime I have a better overview of the actual time spent on projects.
Anders Rankegård

If a friend asked you why they should try Memtime - what would you tell them?

_Anders _: It’s simple and exact.

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