We are happy about every new partner

Whether technical or sales partnerships - we believe in the superiority of specialization and cooperation

Become a sales partner

Easily recommend Memtime via sending & sharing affiliate links and get a commission for each license sold.

This is how it works:
  1. Get in touch
  2. Create an affiliate account and create your personal affiliate link
  3. Send or share your link with potential customers
  4. While visiting our homepage, a cookie is stored
  5. Receive commission for every following purchase

Become a software partner

Let us connect Memtime via API to your project / office / agency software to improve your customers' time tracking process.

Your benefits:
  1. Commission for each Memtime license sold to your customers
  2. Save development costs of your own time tracking component
  3. more accurate times for planning & controlling features
  4. Attract new customers with automatic time tracking
  5. Improve retention rate of your existing customers
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