How fully automatic time tracking for Autotask works

timeBro's fully automatic tracking helps you track time on your projects in Autotask

What is timeBro?

timeBro is an add-on for Autotask: It's a fully automatic time tracking tool for Windows and macOS that captures every minute in every app. timeBro’s engine runs in the background to capture all your computer activities and visualize your day in a beautiful timeline – that can only be accessed by the user. It helps you remember much faster how long you worked on which project – and allows you to never lose a billable minute again.

How can I try timeBro & Autotask?

In order to start a 14-day free trial and to import projects from Autotask to timeBro you need to create a timeBro account that is connected with Autotask.

Just follow this link – or go to the timeBro website and click the button START MY 14-DAY FREE TRIAL to create your timeBro account. In the next screen Autotask can be selected as your connected project software.


2. Enter your email and password

3. Select Autotask as connected software

Never lose a billable minute again with automatic time tracking