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Automatic time tracking immediately increases the overall time tracking accuracy from 36-67% to 95%. Find out in our free trial how seamless Memtime integrates with your infrastructure and why this one decision has increased the profitability of so many IT businesses.

Increased time tracking accuracy:

  • Improve profit through planning, controlling & billing
  • Balance team workload & manage client expectations
  • Meet milestones & deadlines - and avoid scope creep
Thomas Lee on Memtime software for IT companies

“We can now compare actual hours for our managed services with contracted hours - perfectly integrated with our existing software.“

Thomas Lee
Head of Solution Engineering, iot.nxt

Planning project hours

Difficulties planning projects & resources?

Project and Resource Management are key to balancing team workload and to ensure that milestones & deadlines are met. Project managers need project hours tracked as realistically as possible and updated daily by their team. Which they rarely get.


  • Project cost estimation based on past projects is hard to do
  • No realistic view of project health (no daily project hours)
  • Projects suddenly exceed budget and time frame
  • Over-servicing customers and allowing scope creep


  • Automatic tracking allows each employee to submit daily project hours within seconds - and at the same accuracy (95%).
Bodo Schiefer, CEO, snoopstar
Now we even know how much time we will need for subtasks.
Bodo Schiefer, CEO, snoopstar
Billing clarity

Which services are truly profitable?

Most IT companies don't even realize how much money they are leaving on the table. Be it due to unprofitable customers that take up much more time than expected. Or by the fact that the capacities of expensive employees could be utilized much better.


  • No clarity on Utilization Rate - which indicates tomorrow's profit
  • No realistic view of revenue per employee
  • Wrong impression, which projects are really profitable
  • Undercharging clients with insufficient pricing


  • By increasing time tracking accuracy from 36-67% to 95%, profitable activities and cash burners become visible.
Andy Ziehten,  CEO, ScaleCommerce (PaaS)
We increased our billable hours by 20% in 6 months.
Andy Ziehten, CEO, ScaleCommerce (PaaS)
Manual time tracking is wasting time

Wasting time for time tracking?

Time tracking is usually delayed and put off by employees until nobody remembers their time usage anymore. When it is finally time to look back and estimate the hours, every good project manager already suspects you will not be able to rely on this data.


  • Time tracking will never be a priority for employees.
  • The majority will always do it in retrospect.
  • At the end of a day/week, it's hard to recall time usage.
  • The hard part is not logging hours - it's to come up with them.


  • With a timeline to remember their activities, employees do the hard part in seconds - and get their time tracking done daily.
C.S. Andersen Hansson, Development Team Lead, Wican
Before memtime, we forgot many little things that we do every day.
C.S. Andersen Hansson, Development Team Lead, Wican

Connect Memtime with your project software

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Jira integration
Toggl Track integration
Harvest integration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration
Autotask integration
Tempo integration
7Pace integration
Clickup integration
Fastbill integration
Clockify integration
Youtrack integration
Freshbooks integration
Awork integration
Teamwork integration

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