"Amazing, how much gut feeling and reality differ"

Why the design studio Visum Design relies on automatic time tracking – Interview with Owner Pierre de Senarclens

Pierre de Senarclens - owner of Visum Design

Hi Pierre. What is your job – and what does Visum Design specialize in?

Pierre: I am a visual designer. With Visum Design I offer graphic, corporate design, web, film and animation.

Why are accurate times important to you?

Pierre: When it comes to billing my work, it's important for me to keep an accurate track of my efforts. Especially with creative work, it's important to see how much time goes into the design process, for example - something that many clients can't comprehend - and therefore often don't believe me.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Pierre: Usually, when I start a job, I create a proposal and charge for my efforts according to that estimate. However, with the clients where I am allowed to charge by the hour, I always charged my hours a bit "by instinct" (unless I wrote them down by hand - which I rarely did). In this respect, my invoices were always somewhat imprecise, which gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

It was amazing to see how different my gut feeling was from the actual time spent.
Pierre de Senarclens

How was Memtime able to solve the problem?

Pierre: Thanks to Memtime, I no longer have that uncomfortable feeling because I can prove to customers exactly how much effort I put in and for what. It was also amazing to see how much my gut feeling differed from the actual time spent. And even with work for which I initially prepare a proposal, I can check myself to see whether my calculation is profitable.

How did you experience the introduction of Memtime?

Pierre: The onboarding took little time, if I remember correctly. It's been a while ;-). I've always found the user interface very intuitive, and since version 3.0 with the Memory Aid and Timeline view, the whole thing is unrivaled.

The big advantage over other time tracking apps: Automatic tracking – without me having to click on and off a timer.
Pierre de Senarclens

If a friend asked you why they should try Memtime - what would you tell them?

Pierre: 1. the BIG difference and advantage over other time tracking apps is the automatic tracking, without me having to click on and off a timer.
2. Super easy handling, intuitive GUI, easy export to Excel.
3. Great support, very responsive and friendly team, listens to suggestions and requests.


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