Fully automatic time tracking for Daylite

timeBro is connected to Daylite via API, imports projects and exports automatically recorded times

No payment info required – just download and go

Never lose a minute with time tracking again

timeBro automatically captures all computer activities, calendar entries and absence times – to help you remember

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No payment info required – just download and go

Join over 2000 teams who automated their time tracking

"timeBro is introduced very quickly and is instantly understood by employees. Our time tracking has become a lot easier and now we always remember what we have worked on."

Peter Grandl, Managing Director, Proxenos

"More time tracking accuracy gives us a lot of insights. This ranges from optimizing our project planning and resource planning to specializing in particularly profitable offers in our portfolio."

Leonard Albrecht, Project Manager, Philip seine Helden

How easily timeBro and Daylite work together

Create a timeBro account - Login to Daylite via timeBro - Import projects - Automatically record and export times

1. Import your projects

  • One-time Daylite login via timeBro
  • All active projects are available for import
  • Notification when new projects are available

2. Track your times faster

  • All activities are captured automatically
  • Memory Aid - to assign time slots to projects
  • Memory Aid - to comment on time slots

3. Export your time entries

All time entries and comments at once can be entered into Daylite at any time with just 1 click.

Unleash the full potential of your business and regain hundreds of hours with automatic time tracking

No payment info required – just download and go